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No one can miss how a medical student should look like, we can recognise them in almost all movies wearing glasses – thick ones most times – don’t care how they look like and definitely don’t have the social life and relations normal people do.

But actually after being through the college I discovered another group, besides those guys who can give the nerdy look to the whole place, there are others; the cool, that is how they think they are when having fun all the time, playing and hanging out, turning the college into a social club by daytime to gather.

And there is the neutral group the coolly-nerd, or the nerdy-cool. They are who could have the recipe to cross their way through the difficult study and huge stressors, and to belong to this group was the wise’s choice…..

It takes little time management skills to schedule your lessons by your hobbies and free times. And it is never late to learn those skills because they are there inside each of us just needs to be turned on.