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Night thoughts 26/6/2010

Posted: February 15, 2017 in the chapters
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“I am dying to sleep!”

After a long exhausting day, all I would need is to reach my room and throw my body into my dear bed, wishing I can sleep all the next day, but I can’t!

The moment I touch the lovely, comfortable, and relaxing set called bed, he gets hyperactive, may he just can’t take over my brain all the day; when I am awake and conscious enough to stop him, so here comes his chance; when I let my head on the pillow he comes to take it over.

Don’t know how he can remember what that guy told me a few days ago, then he starts to plan for next day’s meeting, then back to how silly was my reaction over that friend’s jokes! He is evaluating the past, monitoring the present and planning for the future. That can be helpful.

I have tried yoga workouts, drinking milk, listening to soft music, reading, counting sheep and even vigorous physical workouts, trying to exhaust him as he does to me, but nothing could work with my wise man that may be helpful with yours.

I usually wake up not remembering when he was tired of such brain activities, that he surrendered to rest in the peaceful state of sleep, or rather say lie unconscious after sending every single neuronal message, and depleting the last transmitter in my brain neurons, that justifies my theory about why I don’t dream lately, I didn’t dream much since I had the wise man with me!