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Night thoughts 26/6/2010

Posted: February 15, 2017 in the chapters
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“I am dying to sleep!”

After a long exhausting day, all I would need is to reach my room and throw my body into my dear bed, wishing I can sleep all the next day, but I can’t!

The moment I touch the lovely, comfortable, and relaxing set called bed, he gets hyperactive, may he just can’t take over my brain all the day; when I am awake and conscious enough to stop him, so here comes his chance; when I let my head on the pillow he comes to take it over.

Don’t know how he can remember what that guy told me a few days ago, then he starts to plan for next day’s meeting, then back to how silly was my reaction over that friend’s jokes! He is evaluating the past, monitoring the present and planning for the future. That can be helpful.

I have tried yoga workouts, drinking milk, listening to soft music, reading, counting sheep and even vigorous physical workouts, trying to exhaust him as he does to me, but nothing could work with my wise man that may be helpful with yours.

I usually wake up not remembering when he was tired of such brain activities, that he surrendered to rest in the peaceful state of sleep, or rather say lie unconscious after sending every single neuronal message, and depleting the last transmitter in my brain neurons, that justifies my theory about why I don’t dream lately, I didn’t dream much since I had the wise man with me!



No one can miss how a medical student should look like, we can recognise them in almost all movies wearing glasses – thick ones most times – don’t care how they look like and definitely don’t have the social life and relations normal people do.

But actually after being through the college I discovered another group, besides those guys who can give the nerdy look to the whole place, there are others; the cool, that is how they think they are when having fun all the time, playing and hanging out, turning the college into a social club by daytime to gather.

And there is the neutral group the coolly-nerd, or the nerdy-cool. They are who could have the recipe to cross their way through the difficult study and huge stressors, and to belong to this group was the wise’s choice…..

It takes little time management skills to schedule your lessons by your hobbies and free times. And it is never late to learn those skills because they are there inside each of us just needs to be turned on.

New life 10/1/2010

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“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”― Paulo Coelho


Now we are free, that is how university students think in their first days, After all those years in school.

And yeah that was exactly what I said to myself, moving away from my family to live near the university…

Some people say that it requires talents to be a people magnet, but according to a book I have read recently; “How to be a people magnet” by Leil Lowndes: everybody can do so, it only goes easier if you have a good compilations of characteristics for it, and this was my case.

I adapted easily for my surprise, but the wise man and Mr Yousef were there smiling as if they knew it.

I got socially involved with almost everyone on different levels, and the wise man was delighted meeting other foreign men – everyone has his own thoughts and way of thinking even sharing the same culture as you do- he met the conservative and the liberal, the superficial and the deep. That eventually he formed his own views and norms those I hold as values till now.

In one year I was living another life; new place, new friends, and a newly adapted self!

The sign

Posted: June 21, 2010 in the chapters

“The boy and his heart had become friends, and neither was capable now of betraying the other.” The Alchemist

Memories are coming back, that is all I think about now after meeting my childhood best friend, and we shared the memory of someone you know now; the great tutor.

According to “the alchemist” of Paulo Coelho, it is a sign on my path; I don’t think it was just the chance that made him pass by my brother in a street, where they have never been before.

It has to mean something; meeting him only when I decide to write about my memories.

I know that he isn’t part in the wise man’s diaries, because he was there before the wise showed up.

The wise man is her with me now complaining of me being such selfish; talking about me in his diaries. But I am happy that I don’t have time to argue with him, and soon I have to put my pen and leave him with those pages.

I am going to meet Mohamed abdelfatah, we have the night to spend and 9 years of memories to share…..

The Real Tutor

Posted: June 20, 2010 in the chapters


“teaching the young; carving on the stones” Anonymous

It was my last years in high school, so he took a long vacation leaving me busy with my study. All that mattered is how high will be my marks so I can enter my dream college of engineering and computer sciences.

He seemed doesn’t care for me anymore, or maybe he hated my ignorance of him, being busy all the time with my school, classes, lessons and lots of studies. That is why we lost communication for a long time.

I finished my high school, having the high marks, I worked all that time to collect, and I entered the medical school!

You are not mistaken, reading my previous words, yeah, I worked all the way for a dream and I finished in someone else’s dream.

That happens when people think they know what is better for you and when your father is a doctor and everybody is expecting you to take over his business.

Once again, I needed him to show up, but my problem this time was even bigger than him. It wasn’t some emotions in the heart of a dreamy teenager, it was a whole life reconstruction over the one you already drew for yourself, that one you have worked hard to draw. They come to erase it as simple as clicking the delete button on your personal computer.

So, he took me to the one who could help. If old ancient tutors were still there, he would be for sure one of them. He is my teacher since my first years in school and he was the only one to really teach me.

That day I knew he was the one who taught my wise man –another reason for being grateful –

Mr Yousef, that was how we used to call our Arabic language teacher, who is, until now, my favourite and most inspiring man.

After hearing all my complaint – more patiently than my wise man, who was there I guess trying to learn more from our tutor. – he said something, I do remember till now, “ your best quality is your ability to adapt wherever you are, whatever surrounds you”

Deep inside I knew he was right, and to my wise man’s surprise I did have a true smile, it was my first time since I got the high grades of my dream.

The wise man wanted to show how good student he was; he added “so when we have that hard time when we can’t face, think, or decide we have to find our best quality”, Mr. Yousef gave him that smile I have grown up watching every day, and gave us a kind touch on shoulder, telling me you have been one of my best students, so go on and adapt.

Every time I pass such hard time or impossible choices, I remember his word and feel proud of the one I came to be, thanks to “Mr Yousef”.

The early beginning

Posted: June 20, 2010 in the chapters

 Man’s first step on the moon; all my life is about putting such footprint on earth.

Did you ever talk to yourself? The first time you did that, your wise man was born….

So did mine, I remember my first conversation with him, I was only 16. And it was my first time to experience how love can burn

he was my only rescuer, he did guide me and did teach me a lot out of it, he was born wise that is why I used to call him “the wise man” though his many times of being just a child!

One fact about wise men, they are created out of our pure thoughts. So their age can’t be identified; sometimes they are childish and sometimes they turn to be of great wisdom.

All of us had experienced teen’ love, that is me now after 5 years confirming what my wise man once taught me, “love is one of the strongest human emotions, it can rule his whole life, the wiser you are the better you can control it” I thought he wanted me to wait to be older so consequently wiser, but he continued “ to control something you have to know it, and your only way is your own experience” and that was my first lesson about love: love is a personal experience, failing in ones means you have better control next times.

Now I do appreciate that lesson cause it was the only guide passing other failing experiences.

I have learned not to regret any thing that I lost, especially if it did help me go better.

Back to the wise man, you now know about mine, try to re-communicate with yours, I know he can help, you can’t find such patient companion who hears all your complaints, and for sure you don’t need to worry about your secrets.

into the fog

it is all written, though you only step to what you see!

To understand life, try to drive through fog at night; that is you life, you know the way is right there in front of you, though you can’t see it!

3 things you must have to reach your destination safely:

Knowledge – where is the way? -,

Courage – to move in the unknown and to face your deep fears -,

and persistence – to continue till the end-.

These ideas came to his mind on his trip going home through the heaviest fog he ever seen.

then he turned to her “from now forward any success I achieve is yours, cause you are my only light through this life’s fog; you offered me those 3 elements: I know the way cause we did draw it together, I have the courage cause of your support, and for sure I persist to finish it cause it is my only way to you……”

She has been there all the time by him; her face and smile didn’t ever leave his mind. She was there shining on the wet and cold window by him.

Her face on the window carried to him all their memories, now she is fading and all their moments were flashing upon the wet window, they have experienced all kinds of tears; those of goodbyes and those of reunions, those of sadness and those of joy, their tears were mixing with the water drops.

He had a look outside the window to the far moon trying to reach through the heavy fog, and then he continued to her “Look at the moon light struggling to touch the window! Though the distance and all that fog, the same is my love to you. We are separate for long time now, though my love will fight till reach you, all you have to do is to wait and wipe your tears”

He said his last words while doing his best to dry the window from their tears, and then he opened it, letting the cold air in.

 He cried, Feeling her cold touch on his face, and hearing her voice far in the silence of the night outside his car.

“From now on my life is yours” he shouted through the open window then the silence once more filled the air with its magnificent ability to let the one deeply feel all alone.

Only then the wise man realized his life was heading to a new beginning, and a new chapter in the book of life – as he would prefer to call his life – was open and ready to be written down!!

A new chapter that was titled “the wise’s path to the dream” is being written in actions from the moment he woke up the next day.

Dear friends you joined me reading the “wise’s book of life” from the undone end yet! So let me take you back in time to the early chapters in his really interesting book.

M. Elmahdi


P.S. if it is strange to you to be called my friend from someone you don’t know; going into this book will take you through some really personal and special experiences, and it is really difficult for me to share them with people other than friends. -Thanks for understanding-