About The Wise Man

Chapters you are going to read are my own memories being taken from the wise man’s point of view.

This blog goes beyond most of biography books you may have read, it is more like a conversation between you and the wise man, or for making it easier; between you, your thoughts or as I call the wise man, and the conscious part of me who is writing down these chapters.

If you are searching for a story of some great leader or for a struggling survivor, this blog is not! This is different; it contains some simple life events being simplified to a life lesson in an inspirational way that everybody will happen to feel touched by those events to some extent. You may just didn’t have time to think about it. Here is your chance to recall your life lessons and get best of them.

This blog is based on true lives, that is why I tried as possible not to mention names, also events are mentioned impersonally or from other perspectives, so true story characters shall not worry, on the other hand; they may get some benefit from this experience or may learn something out of it.

first i was preparing this to be a book, but i guess a blog will be much more convenient to make such conversation, to inspire, tell or help.

M. Elmahdi


heading to my light

edited: 20/6/2010


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