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Men of Honor

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

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Honor is like a match: you can only use it once.

Marcel Pagnol (1895 – 1974)

Some men do realize they are made of honor; they don’t wait for people to tell them so, and they deal on that base.

They don’t have to say who they are, or use those shiny words; still people do treat them honorably.

They never over estimate their abilities and powers, neither underestimate them!

They make good friends, partners, or parents, still can’t survive alone!

Their values are their honor; noble, stable and respected at any circumstances.

They would do their best to help out; sometimes you even won’t know how or when! It is not about counting favors, they do it out of their feeling of “wageb”.

One word of thanks can be their prize rather than money.

Their natural enemies are made of lies! Sometimes they lose their fight, but they never lose their selves!

They certainly know well how to win, also they know how lose with honor!

You would feel honored to compete with them and you will for sure have to say hard luck to them because they deserve it. Others don’t deserve even your competition!

to be continued!