Medical students have rights 1: leisure time and holidays

Posted: May 11, 2011 in thoughts

2007 my last year of being geek (H)

Article 24th of the universal declaration of human rights states that: everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay”

Medical student is a human being or at least he or she used to be one when he or she first came into that

The faculty is dealing with us as granted non social Nerds who can do nothing except studying, lectures 6 days per week, exams on Fridays, and the situation gets worse when it comes to 5th and 6th years there is no summer vacation!

After full 6 years in normal prison you will have one more year of heavy work prison, they call it the house officer year; you can’t take any vacation in the first 6 months. And your salary is less that 300 LE per month!

In normal prisons they give time for sports, reading and crafts, why can’t we even have what prisoners

Our only fault is getting into the medical school! Would anybody do that in his full conscious powers?

Out of 32 friends answered my question if they knew all that before they enroll to faculty of medicine I
was surprised that 20 said yes they did! Though most of them don’t find it not acceptable they had to accept it and come in any way,, many even think holidays are extra wasted time, so they take private classes on holidays; the faculty is turning into a geeks producer instead of bringing out a doctor who can
integrate, help and develop side by side with his society.

That is the real problem; everybody should believe in his rights and how to practice them, you can’t get your rights unless you know them!

So before asking for our right of free time and regular holidays, we need to target our selves why we
need such time? We need some free time to practice our hobbies without affecting my study, communicate with the outside world or most importantly having a break between the long study days so we can continue the struggle!, we need to get a life; I guess many of us was told that before but didn’t know how?!

Our second line is to address the faculty administration for more fair leisure time and holidays, we
need practical way to have some free time I know it is difficult to arrange such crowded and heavy curriculum, but it can be done on some gradual bases.

We are not neglecting all other problems, but here I tried to put my hand on some practical practices of
our rights, and will try to discuss other problems in next articles if I had enough time!!!!

Remember Human Rights;
they can’t be deprived even with person’s will, doesn’t fall if not used, and they can’t be separated!

M. Elmahdi

11-5-2011; beginning of my first summer without any vacation!


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