Freedom and dignity

Posted: June 22, 2010 in thoughts


“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Today was my ophthalmology exam, which went good except for some stony vagrant minds!!!

Biggest mess was because of the harsh decision of our university president – as if he has full capabilities to make up a decision and put it into act alone without any supervision – , his decision was to force veiled girls – wearing niqab – to show their faces.

Yeah the same mess is back, neglecting the decision judges took in the national high management court made in earlier similar cases !

So why shall this happen again!! Why they just stick to their shallow minds, why they don’t accept the point that it was a mistake against the will of every free human body!

Personally I don’t like the neqab, neither do I like a mini-skirt in college day time, but that doesn’t mean I have anything against those girls who freely decided to wear it according to their beliefs, culture or traditions, it goes under their right to wear what they want based on their right to experience freedom of expression, act, beliefs and religious teachings – Egypt has signed the international convenient of civil and political rights, you can find that in the human rights book the same university did hand to us  –

Their reasons are security and prevent sheeting; they could take many other ways to insure that as said in the juries’ decision, To check for faces and Identity before entry to the exams hall. –by females-

Can’t we live without such violations? Can’t we live as citizens of a real country? Not under any dreamy or moody decision of a punch of fat guys on chairs?

This happened in my exam today 21st of June 2010, in mansoura faculty of medicine, and this post to show how much I hated it.


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