The Real Tutor

Posted: June 20, 2010 in the chapters


“teaching the young; carving on the stones” Anonymous

It was my last years in high school, so he took a long vacation leaving me busy with my study. All that mattered is how high will be my marks so I can enter my dream college of engineering and computer sciences.

He seemed doesn’t care for me anymore, or maybe he hated my ignorance of him, being busy all the time with my school, classes, lessons and lots of studies. That is why we lost communication for a long time.

I finished my high school, having the high marks, I worked all that time to collect, and I entered the medical school!

You are not mistaken, reading my previous words, yeah, I worked all the way for a dream and I finished in someone else’s dream.

That happens when people think they know what is better for you and when your father is a doctor and everybody is expecting you to take over his business.

Once again, I needed him to show up, but my problem this time was even bigger than him. It wasn’t some emotions in the heart of a dreamy teenager, it was a whole life reconstruction over the one you already drew for yourself, that one you have worked hard to draw. They come to erase it as simple as clicking the delete button on your personal computer.

So, he took me to the one who could help. If old ancient tutors were still there, he would be for sure one of them. He is my teacher since my first years in school and he was the only one to really teach me.

That day I knew he was the one who taught my wise man –another reason for being grateful –

Mr Yousef, that was how we used to call our Arabic language teacher, who is, until now, my favourite and most inspiring man.

After hearing all my complaint – more patiently than my wise man, who was there I guess trying to learn more from our tutor. – he said something, I do remember till now, “ your best quality is your ability to adapt wherever you are, whatever surrounds you”

Deep inside I knew he was right, and to my wise man’s surprise I did have a true smile, it was my first time since I got the high grades of my dream.

The wise man wanted to show how good student he was; he added “so when we have that hard time when we can’t face, think, or decide we have to find our best quality”, Mr. Yousef gave him that smile I have grown up watching every day, and gave us a kind touch on shoulder, telling me you have been one of my best students, so go on and adapt.

Every time I pass such hard time or impossible choices, I remember his word and feel proud of the one I came to be, thanks to “Mr Yousef”.

  1. farid says:

    well, Nice one, i liked it so much ! but i have 2 points:

    1- fe 4ltat emla2ya ya bashmohandzz 😀

    2- for me, Sometimes i think one of my biggest problems is that i am highly adaptive ! So i think sometimes it’s not good to be adaptive .. for example, if you are not adaptive, you would be in the engineering school …

    i think the problem is my being adaptive makes me cool with any choices ! So actually i dont Choose what i want, i dont choose what is best for me !

    for Example i didnt choose the medical school too ! my Dad did, & i didnt say even a word ! because i knew that whatever happened i would make it work ! because i’m adaptive !

    & Now i regret that 😦

    ** i was going to tell you “how about Some Arabic, for God sake!!” 😀 but after reading i see this might be quite impossible 😀 i just wanted you to take this point in consideration 🙂

    sorry 4 the LoooooooooooooonG comment 😛

    • mrwiseman says:

      thanks ya farid 😀 you are the first to support me here 😀 ,,
      1- about the spelling (A) i guess i have to recheck it, i just pasted it yesterday u know i have exam tomorrow ,, but i was bored and said lets do something new 😀
      2- you have a point, but what you was talking about is not adabtion you first surrendered to your dad’s will! then you adabted to it. at least that could help u living till the 3rd year and isa will help u through the 4 commin years :p 😀

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