The early beginning

Posted: June 20, 2010 in the chapters

 Man’s first step on the moon; all my life is about putting such footprint on earth.

Did you ever talk to yourself? The first time you did that, your wise man was born….

So did mine, I remember my first conversation with him, I was only 16. And it was my first time to experience how love can burn

he was my only rescuer, he did guide me and did teach me a lot out of it, he was born wise that is why I used to call him “the wise man” though his many times of being just a child!

One fact about wise men, they are created out of our pure thoughts. So their age can’t be identified; sometimes they are childish and sometimes they turn to be of great wisdom.

All of us had experienced teen’ love, that is me now after 5 years confirming what my wise man once taught me, “love is one of the strongest human emotions, it can rule his whole life, the wiser you are the better you can control it” I thought he wanted me to wait to be older so consequently wiser, but he continued “ to control something you have to know it, and your only way is your own experience” and that was my first lesson about love: love is a personal experience, failing in ones means you have better control next times.

Now I do appreciate that lesson cause it was the only guide passing other failing experiences.

I have learned not to regret any thing that I lost, especially if it did help me go better.

Back to the wise man, you now know about mine, try to re-communicate with yours, I know he can help, you can’t find such patient companion who hears all your complaints, and for sure you don’t need to worry about your secrets.


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