“Introduction to a new chapter in the wise’s book of life”

Posted: June 19, 2010 in the chapters

into the fog

it is all written, though you only step to what you see!

To understand life, try to drive through fog at night; that is you life, you know the way is right there in front of you, though you can’t see it!

3 things you must have to reach your destination safely:

Knowledge – where is the way? -,

Courage – to move in the unknown and to face your deep fears -,

and persistence – to continue till the end-.

These ideas came to his mind on his trip going home through the heaviest fog he ever seen.

then he turned to her “from now forward any success I achieve is yours, cause you are my only light through this life’s fog; you offered me those 3 elements: I know the way cause we did draw it together, I have the courage cause of your support, and for sure I persist to finish it cause it is my only way to you……”

She has been there all the time by him; her face and smile didn’t ever leave his mind. She was there shining on the wet and cold window by him.

Her face on the window carried to him all their memories, now she is fading and all their moments were flashing upon the wet window, they have experienced all kinds of tears; those of goodbyes and those of reunions, those of sadness and those of joy, their tears were mixing with the water drops.

He had a look outside the window to the far moon trying to reach through the heavy fog, and then he continued to her “Look at the moon light struggling to touch the window! Though the distance and all that fog, the same is my love to you. We are separate for long time now, though my love will fight till reach you, all you have to do is to wait and wipe your tears”

He said his last words while doing his best to dry the window from their tears, and then he opened it, letting the cold air in.

 He cried, Feeling her cold touch on his face, and hearing her voice far in the silence of the night outside his car.

“From now on my life is yours” he shouted through the open window then the silence once more filled the air with its magnificent ability to let the one deeply feel all alone.

Only then the wise man realized his life was heading to a new beginning, and a new chapter in the book of life – as he would prefer to call his life – was open and ready to be written down!!

A new chapter that was titled “the wise’s path to the dream” is being written in actions from the moment he woke up the next day.

Dear friends you joined me reading the “wise’s book of life” from the undone end yet! So let me take you back in time to the early chapters in his really interesting book.

M. Elmahdi


P.S. if it is strange to you to be called my friend from someone you don’t know; going into this book will take you through some really personal and special experiences, and it is really difficult for me to share them with people other than friends. -Thanks for understanding-


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